Animation 2/11 – 2/15

Chapter 9

More Animation!

Now that you have a little more animation experience, you can get into some more involved animation practices and toolsets, exploring the principles covered in this book and its examples. Animation is a long journey, and you should use this book as a stepping-off point. For everything you’re being exposed to here, there are many more techniques to discover.

Learning Outcomes: In this chapter, you will be able to

■ Use hierarchies in animation tasks

■ Create and manipulate a skeleton system for animation and group models to bones

■ Create a walk cycle using forward kinematics for pose animation

■ Discern the two ways—smooth and interactive—to bind a mesh to a skeleton in Maya

■ Use inverse kinematics in a rig of a simple character

■ Create a walk cycle using IK animation

■ Use constraints to automate animation

■ Create set-driven keys for animation rigging

■ Rig a locomotive for automated animation

■ Rig a simple character for basic character animation

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