Audio/Video Production

Lesson 3: Basic Editing

Lesson 3 covers fundamental editing skills that will serve the student throughout the course, but presents most of the material in ways that emphasize practical applica- tions (extending or shortening music, creating loops, using fades to reduce artifacts, and the like).

Goals for this lesson

After completing this lesson, students should be comfortable doing basic manipula- tion of digital audio files. Students will learn how to do the following:

  • Select a portion of a waveform for editing
  • Cut, copy, paste, mix, and remove audio as needed to eliminate unwanted sounds
  • Use multiple clipboards to assemble final audio from individual clips
  • Extend and shorten pieces of music
  • Add new sounds to an existing piece of music using Mix Paste
  • Create loops with music files
  • Fade audio regions to create smooth transitions and remove pops and clicks

    The initial sections on opening files for editing, selecting regions for editing, and changing levels are straightforward. However, note the sidebar “About zero-cross- ings.” Although students may run into clicks from not cutting on zero-crossings in the various audio examples, because these examples were designed to be relatively foolproof, it’s entirely possible that students will not encounter clicks. As a result,
    it can be helpful for the instructor to cut some audio “incorrectly” to demonstrate how this can cause clicks and how Audition’s ways of adjusting selections inward or outward can modify cuts and region boundaries to coincide with zero-crossings.

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