Video Game Design 2/11 – 2/15

Students will learn to make their very own Breakout video game! This lesson brings together everything they have learned in the module and allow them to show it off in a complete game.


Students will be able to…
* Synthesize the skills and concepts from Java Script Control Structures, Functions and Parameters, and Animation and Games to create their very own Breakout game from scratch!
* Break down a large problem into smaller parts using Top Down Design, and solve each of these smaller parts using functions
* Create helpful comments with preconditions and postconditions to help the reader understand the code
* Find and fix bugs in large programs

Prior Knowledge

Finish all exercises in the Animation and Games module

Discussion Questions

What is the difference between a timer and a loop?
What are parameters and how are they different from other variables?
How do parameters and functions work together?
What is animation?
What is an event?
What types of events are used in programs?
What is a timer and how are timers used in a program?

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