Animation 4/15-4/18

Chapter 10

Autodesk® Maya® Lighting

Light shapes the world by showing us what we see. It creates a sense of depth, it initiates the perception of color, and it allows us to distinguish shape and form. For a scene to be successful in computer graphics (CG), these realities of light need to be reproduced as faithfully as possible. The trick is learning to see light and its astonishing effects on the world around us.

Learning Outcomes: In this chapter, you will be able to

  • ■■  Understand basic concepts for setting up CG lighting
  • ■■  Choose the appropriate Autodesk® Maya® light for a scene based on light attributes
  • ■■  Control which lights illuminate certain objects through light linking
  • ■■  Create mood and realism with raytraced shadows
  • ■■  Illuminate and render a scene with mental ray® Physical Sun and Sky
  • ■■  Produce special lighting effects with volumetric lighting, lens flare, and shader glow
  • ■■  Practice setting up a basic lighting solution for the toy airplane, glass candle holder, and decorative box
  • ■■  Use raytracing to cast shadows in your scene and use refractions to create a glass look
  • ■■  Animate the attributes of a light and aim lights with the special manipulator

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